Vendor Membership


Dear Vendor:


The County Assessor’s Association would like to extend to you the opportunity to join the Indiana County Assessor’s Association as an Affiliate Member. You are welcome to join our conferences and will be on our mailing list for upcoming events. Joining the association will help keep the cost of the conferences down for you and your employees. The information is as follows:

The Indiana County Assessor Association dues for 2018 can be paid at any time now.

The dues for Vendors and their employees is $800 for a company of 6 or more employees. The dues for Vendors and their employees is a total of $350 for a company of 1 – 5 employees. (To clarify: the number of employees is the TOTAL employees for your company NOT the number of employees you wish to be considered members. If you have any questions please ask.)

When remitting the check please include number of employees your company has. I would also appreciate your sending the address to return the membership cards to. This request will save me lots of phone calls down the road.

Please send the check and other information requested to:

Indiana County Assessor Association (ICAA)
% Holly Van Der Aa
Pulaski County Assessor’s Office
112 E Main St
Room 120
Winamac, IN 46996

If you are a current member of the ICAA your registration fees are less for the Conferences the Assessor’s Association hold.


Lorena H.(Holly) Van Der Aa


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